About us

Social entrepreneurship

Ziemi's motto is; everyone deserves to be seen. This is not only reflected in the use of Ziemi, but also in production! We work together with training company Pantar in Amsterdam to pack and prepare for shipping. Pantar creates value in work. They help people increase their self-esteem and provide social value by supporting people who are in danger of being left out without this learning and workplace.

Hi, I'm Luci

During my studies in Industrial Design at TU Delft, I came up with Ziemi three years ago; an innovative way to increase cycling safety. My teacher was so enthusiastic that he encouraged me to launch Ziemi. Together with friend Elianne, we started a crowdfunding campaign and so our Ziemi adventure began.

The number of bicycle accidents continues to rise every year. In 2022, for the third year in a row, there were more fatal bicycle accidents than in cars. As many as 20% of these accidents occur in the dark. Cyclists feel increasingly unsafe and therefore lose their enjoyment of cycling. But we are going to change that, because cycling is not only healthier but also more sustainable. Our goal? Making Ziemi the new standard! Are you participating?

Be seen

The Ziemi adventure:

Start at YESDelft

The ZiemiBike was created during a study project by Luci at TUDelft. After completion, Luci and study friend Elianne decided to follow a 10-week crash course program at YESDelft, where they managed to win the patent for the ZiemiBike.

Successful Crowdfunding

After the YESDelft course, it was time to go live, through a Crowdfunding campaign. The duo was able to use a 3D print, duct tape and a dismantled bicycle light to create a promotional video to promote the campaign. With success as a result! This immediately validated the product.

Testing prototypes

With enough budget in hand from Crowdfunding, prize money and own savings, version 1.0 was designed. No fewer than 50 3D prints and 30 demolished lights later, the final design was ready and tested with users.

Production with social-workshop

The production process of Ziemi 1.0 took place in the social-workshop in Rotterdam. Everyone deserves to be seen, including people who are at a distance from the labor market. This is how Ziemi adds value locally. Many important lessons have been learned, which are valuable for the next phase of Ziemi.

Season 1, sold out!

The first season was a great success, all 3000 units are sold out. Ziemi has won several awards and was even national news on EditieNL! That attracted so many visitors that the site crashed, so the ZiemiBike became trending on Bol.com.

Version 2.0 with Spanninga

After a successful sales season, awards and media attention, it was clear: people really need safety. The ZiemiCommunity involved provided valuable feedback about the product, which was incorporated into version 2.0 in collaboration with bicycle lighting expert Spanninga.

Luci continues

With the new design, Luci continues alone with Ziemi. Elianne decided to say goodbye to entrepreneurial life and join an innovation department of a bank. Luci is nevertheless not alone, the ZiemiCommunity and business advisors are helping to build Ziemi's future.

Production ZiemiBike 2.0

Ziemi still believes that everyone deserves to be seen. To empower sheltered workshop employees as best as possible, they mainly carry out testing and packaging work. The production of the ZiemiBike has been moved to a very reliable partner with decades of experience in bicycle lighting production, in China.

Launch ZiemiBike 2.0

The ZiemiBike 2.0 is live! The product is once again noticed in the media this year, for example by the de QUOTE and LINDA. Even Chantal Janzen posted a post on Instagram about the ZiemiBike!

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