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With Ziemi you are a lot more recognizable and visible!

Ziemi illuminates the moving legs causing human movement, also called biomotion , is visible. Fellow road users recognize you as a cyclist and are therefore unconsciously more attentive and you are much safer. Get on your bike safely in the dark!



Ziemi is very easy to use. You can mount the holder on any bicycle using the resealable tiewrap . You place the bracket as high as possible on the stem, facing the cyclist. Does this not work, or is the top tube blocking the light? Then place the holder on the head tube. Cut the tiewrap to size. You then slide the lamp easily and intuitively into the holder, where a magnetic connection provides extra security. Are you going somewhere? Slide the light out of the holder again and put it in your pocket! Ziemi remains on for no less than 5 hours in normal mode (11 hours in eco mode), after which the brightness will decrease and go out after an hour. You can then easily fully charge the light within 1.5 hours with the supplied USB-C cable.

What do Ziemi users think?

Ziemi is an additional safety lamp that illuminates the biomotion. Biomotion literally means ' human movement '. By making this visible, you will be seen and recognized as a cyclist. As a result, fellow road users are automatically and unconsciously more careful and attentive

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