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ZiemiBike, the revolution in road safety.
Visible, recognizable and safe on the road thanks to biomotion lighting!

What is biomotion?

Do you recognize the moving object? Ziemi is based on the science of biomotion recognition. Biomotion is the name given to the movement of living things, and thanks to thousands of years of evolution, our brains are wired to recognize it very quickly. It has been proven that with biomotion recognition, fellow road users see the cyclist 5.5 times sooner and are automatically more attentive!

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Visible from the side

You know that moment when a cyclist suddenly appears from a side street and you notice him far too late? Statistics show that as many as 71% of accidents occur from the side. With ZiemiBike you are clearly visible from the side and immediately recognizable as a cyclist. Move the slider back and forth to see the difference.

Without ZiemiBike

With ZiemiBike