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De Ziemi

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ZiemiBike, the world's first biomotion bike light

  • Visible from both the front and side
  • Easily identifiable as a cyclist with BioMotion lighting
  • Is seen 5 times faster by BioMotion

With Ziemi you are a lot more recognizable and visible!

Ziemi illuminates the moving legs causing human movement, also called biomotion , is visible. Fellow road users recognize you as a cyclist and are therefore unconsciously more attentive and you are much safer. Get on your bike safely in the dark!



Ziemi is very easy to use. You can mount the holder on any bicycle using the resealable tiewrap . You place the bracket as high as possible on the stem, facing the cyclist. Does this not work, or is the top tube blocking the light? Then place the holder on the head tube. Cut the tiewrap to size. You then slide the lamp easily and intuitively into the holder, where a magnetic connection provides extra security. Are you going somewhere? Slide the light out of the holder again and put it in your pocket! Ziemi remains on for no less than 5 hours in normal mode (11 hours in eco mode), after which the brightness will decrease and go out after an hour. You can then easily fully charge the light within 1.5 hours with the supplied USB-C cable.

This is what's in the box


Universal holder


USB-C charging cable

Easy to install

1. Twist the mounting strap around the rod

2. Hook the mounting strap onto the holder

3. Loop the mounting strap and hook onto the holder again

4. Slide the ZiemiBike into the holder

5. Put on the ZiemiBike

What is BioMotion

BioMotion literally means human movement. Our brain is great at recognizing living things by the way they move. We are instinctively good at recognizing our own kind, without having to learn to do so. It has been proven that observing that BioMotion automatically makes the brain more attentive. Imagine, a motorist or someone on a scooter sees BioMotion in traffic; their brain automatically thinks, "Oh, there's a person cycling there, I have to pay attention!"

Safety First

Traffic is getting busier with motorists, scooters, fat bikes, scooters, you name it! Unfortunately, this is reflected in the number of bicycle accidents, as many as 58 cyclists end up in the emergency room in the dark. 71% of these accidents occur sideways, a place where you are not visible in the dark with regular bicycle lights. Bicycle safety and visibility is becoming increasingly important! With Ziemi we are committed to preventing these accidents and bringing back cycling fun, even in the evening!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ziemi does not illuminate the road in front of you, but the moving legs of the cyclist. The biomotion (human movement) is visible, which automatically makes fellow road users more attentive and careful.

With regular bicycle lighting, it is important that the light shines in different directions, in order to be clearly visible and to have a clear view of the road in front of you. It is also noticeable that bicycle lights are becoming increasingly brighter. If such a bicycle lamp were to be turned upside down, it would not only result in blinding yourself, but it would also hinder fellow road users. Ziemi has been carefully designed to illuminate only the cyclist's moving legs, without hindering others.

We have extensively tested and optimized Ziemi. By using white light, the moving legs are visible with every skin and trouser color. Sometimes less bright, but the movement is still noticeable.

Ziemi's housing is designed in such a way that the light is focused exclusively on the cyclist's lower body and, as it were, reflects back to the front. This means that the white light is only visible from the front and side, and not from the back

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